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The Team

Gwen is French, and is an art director with an aesthetic that holds a universal yet timeless appeal. A true tortured artist, she epitomises an individual’s triumphant spirit to overcome challenges through creativity. Because of this,
she visualises ideas poignantly and brings concepts to life in a way that resonate effortlessly with the soul.

John is English, a talentless hack and is only a copywriter by default as Gwen is French and dyslexic.


Together they are Gwen & John (not John & Gwen).

In any case, they both love to chat and especially to you.


October 2020 - July 2021 | School Of Communication Arts 2.0

Oct 2021 - Jan 2022 | 21Grams New York

Feb - May | VCCP

June - July | The Corner

August - Present | Havas

An Unproductive Product by John

Everyone should get to experience the overwhelming feeling of joy that comes
from outsmarting a dog by pretending to throw an object into the distance
and encouraging them to fetch it.

The beneficial sense of superiority one receives while watching them become confused because they're dumb and trust you is something that can now be yours. 


Prototype 1.0 (Ball)

Pasted Graphic 4.jpg

Prototype 2.0 (Stick)

Pasted Graphic 3.jpg

Prototype 3.0 (Frisbee)


Illustration & Animation by Gwen

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